Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Epidemic of Arab Guys with Make up

The Hypocrisdy of Arab Muslims when "criticizing" the West...

If you thought it's only the Arabs in Europe that are so common in using women's make up?

Here's a Jordanian Arab poster, that is quite Arabist and Islamist when it comes to politics and 'religion' or middle east Arab Muslim violence appeasing... speaking on himself and on most of his peers.


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What do u think of
guyz who wear make up. Some of my friends do, most of them wear dark eyeliner,
some draw their lips and use pale fondation. It's a part of setting a state and
being what they believe. They get trashed for that - along with the other things
they get called names because of doing or being. I know another guy who wears
make up just to look good. Ithink there are many guyz out there who wear make up
but don't tell cause they are afriad of the critisim. I don't see anything wrong
with it. Do u
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