Wednesday, October 25, 2006

True Hard Facts, no one can argue with

True Hard Facts, no one can argue with

  • Most terrorists are (Arab) Muslims.

  • Most Muslims killed (even in the areas which they love to blame the west), have been murdered by other Muslims.

  • Most Arabs, Most Muslims are oppressed by their own government, or most Arab Muslims regimes are extremely oppressive.

  • Most hungry Muslims in the third world are rather fed by Christians & Jews.

  • Most hateful cartoons in the world appear in the Arab press ( ,,

  • Slavery today is exclusively by Muslim Arabs.

  • Most oil (& by it the power to dictate policies) are in Arab hands.

  • Most conflicts today, all over the world, involve Muslims against non Muslims.

  • Most Arab Muslim regimes are still that facist "not even giving Israelis the right to exist".

  • Most Arab Muslim "insurgents" - terrorists in Iraq are not Iraqis.

  • Most mass murder in Iraq are on the basis of inner facism Shiite - Sunnis.

  • Mosts Zionists are Christians.

  • Most ultra orthodox Jews do not serve in Israeli atmy, still they & they're children are as much a target by the racist Arabs / Islamofacists terrorists.

  • Most Arab 'Palestinians' are - vote for, support and back facist terror Hamas & it's call/attemps for genocide.

  • Most Arab women killed in Gaza ('Palestinian' death cult main city) are of that evil 'honor killing'.

  • Most crimes comitted in major European cities like: Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Bruxelles, Rome, Milan, etc. are by Arab Muslims (Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, etc.).

  • Most Arab Muslims in Europe are anti west (a tip of the iceberg showed itself in the 2005 massive cartoon-Jihad or the latest poll on British Muslims).

  • Most Arabs hate all Jews (polls show even in "moderate" countriers like Jordan ), most Israelis don't hate anyone.

  • Most aid groups dedicated to helping 'Palestinians' impoverished by their cruel leadership are: Jews, Zionists, Israelis.

  • Most Israeli Arabs participate in Israel's democracy, vote, getting to high positions, etc. all Jews in Arab Muslim countries live in fear, in the shadow.

  • Most (online) searching (logging on) for the kinkiest, most twisted sex are from Arab Muslim countries ( Muslims Are Sex-Starved Surfers, With Bestial Interests...).

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